Microsoft Corp.

Key Insights on Microsoft’s Financial Performance

⚡Total Revenue grew by an Avg of 14% YoY from 2018.

⚡ Avg of 85% of Expenses from 2018 was spent on R & D and Sales & Marketing

⚡ Revenue from Services & Others surpassed Revenue from Products by 10.19% for the first time in 2020 financial year.

⚡Operating Income grew by an Avg of 20% YoY from 2018.

⚡Dividend grew by an average of 8.7% YoY from 2018.

⚡ Liquidity: Microsoft has maintained a highly liquid status for a period of the 5 years under review with an avg of above 50% in Liquid Assets.

⚡ Return on Equity: Microsoft has maintained an avg of 30% in returns to stockholders for a period of 5 years.

⚡Leverage: Microsoft in 2020 reduced it’s gearing ratio of 98.27% in 2017 to 53.33% in 2020.

Source : Microsoft Annual Report