Financial Analysis and Modeling

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Our courses in Financial Analysis and Modeling comprises of courses that will guide you to achieve your career goals in becoming a world-class and sought-after Financial Analyst. Our goal is to equip finance professionals with the right and best practice skills for financial analysis, financial modeling, Budgeting and forecasting, valuations, and much more.
These courses contain detailed and comprehensive courses and resources covering major areas of finance:

Course Modules

These are topics of emphasis for this training.

  1. Financial Analysis Masterclass
  2. Financial Modeling Masterclass
  3. Corporate Finance Masterclass
  4. Fixed Income Masterclass
  5. Budgeting & Forecasting Masterclass
  6. Real Estate Modeling
  7. Ecommerce & Startup Modeling
  8. Advanced Financial Modeling & Valuation Masterclass
  9. FP&A Monthly Cashflow forecast Model

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