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Financial Modelling need not be difficult and complex but should be flexible, appropriate, structured, and transparent.

This course will equip you with the skills to build a Financial Model based on the Fast Standard.

We will equip you with excel proficiency tips and core modeling techniques that every modeler should know.

On completing this course, you will be able to start building models that are FAST compliant and meet all the standard requirements of a financial statement forecast model.

We will be using a project-based case study to build the FAST-based financial statement model.

This course is for anyone that works in the corporate, banking, financial advisory, government, and infrastructure sector.

This course is divided into three sections:
1. Excel Proficiency tips
2. Core Modeling Skills
3. Financial Statement Modeling.

In this Course;
⚡You will learn how to build a complete 3 statement financial model that is both flexible in the immediate term and adaptable in the longer term, a model that allows you to run scenarios and sensitivities and make modifications over an extended period as new information becomes available and this can be done by different modelers.

⚡You will learn how to build a model that is consistent in its layout and ensures the model’s logical integrity is maintained regardless of the author.

⚡You will learn how to build a model that relies on simple and clear formulas that can be understood by other modelers and non-modelers, a model with logic structure and layout and can be easily reviewed.

and many more….

To get started, please work through Excel Proficiency tips and then Core Modeling Skills if you are new to the FAST Standard. Afterward, you will be ready to start the Financial Statement Modelling.

The videos are ordered in a way to build your learning in layers.


A certificate of completion will be awarded to you at the end of this course.

Your Instructor

Promise is an international finance and business intelligence professional with over 10 yrs of experience in financial modeling, valuation in the infrastructure and energy sector – specifically very experienced in complex project finance and infrastructure finance.

Specialties: Project finance, financial modeling, business intelligence, valuation for individual and portfolio projects, corporate financial statement and proficient in modeling and analyzing projects and infrastructure finance.

An associate chartered Accountant and a Financial modeling and valuation analyst.

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1 year.
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No, it is strictly one license per user. This is monitored closely by BFI Insights.
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