Service Offering

We work closely with our client to provide solutions to their Business intelligence issues with our Expertise in Data Analysis, Data Modeling and Data Visualization using Power BI, Virtual & Outsourced Accounting, Cloud-based Accounting Solutions. We also provide our clients with a clear-cut financial solutions and insights on Budgeting, Modeling and Financial Analysis.

We provide our services remotely by ensuring you get the same level of attention and productivity if we were onsite. Our remote consulting cuts across PowerBI, Financial Modeling, Corporate Finance and Valuation, Virtual and Outsourced Accounting, and cloud-based Accounting Solutions.

We also provide our services at preferred environment. Onsite consulting involves advance planning and it allows for better quality interaction with your team. Our onsite consulting ranges from Business Intelligence with PowerBI, financial Modeling, Budgeting & Forecasting, Corporate finance and Valuations, Virtual & Outsourced Accounting, Cloud-based Accounting Solutions.

Scalable Analytical Dashboards

We build scalable analytical Dashboards that gives your business a competitive advantage by leveraging on data, which will help your organization facilitate better and faster strategic decisions.

Virtual & Outsourced Accounting

Accounting is the lifeline of every small business. Without suitable accounting systems in place, a business is destined to fail. One of the main reasons small businesses have high failure rates is due to improper fiscal procedures. The problem essentially comes down to time. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” Managers and owners often spend so much of their time juggling the back office that their primary business consequentially suffers. This is where BFI insights come in. Our customized accounting solutions will perfectly fit your existing business model, saving you time and money. Our passionate and trusted group of Chartered Accountants provides a broad spectrum of accounting and business knowledge to make sure your business succeeds.

Cloud-based Accounting Solutions

Every Business needs an accounting solution that can help them gain control of their finances.  Choosing the right accounting software can help you automate your books, manage your finances, minimize errors, save time, and it will help you grow your business. As one of the accredited Partners and Advisors to some of the leading cloud accounting solutions in the world. We will provide your business with the best cloud accounting system based on the need of your business.

PowerBI & Financial Modeling Debugging

We solve bugging issues that you have with your Power BI reports and financial models and issues regarding the development of your solutions in Power BI, Power Pivot, Excel, Financial Models, Budgeting & Forecasting and Financial Analysis.

PowerBI Service Optimization

We analyze your model remotely and track down any bottlenecks. We provide suggestions in how to modify the Dax formulas and/ or the data model in order to achieve optimal performance.

Financial Modeling | Budgeting & Forecasting | Financial Analysis Services

We provide an offsite consulting reading building and developing scalable financial models, performing Business Valuations, Budgeting & forecasting, and FP & A monthly cashflow forecast models for your organization.


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